What is better rendering or hand drawing?

In the recent times this question becomes more and more relevant. The reason is that computer graphics principles and practice keep showing the effectiveness of CG-technologies although some people insist that nothing can replace hand drawing. Their point of view is understandable – in earlier times sketching played a very important role in interior design. The first computers were used mainly to solve scientific and production tasks; architects and designers had to draw plans and sketches to express their ideas. At that time importance of sketching and technical drawing in design and business was huge.


Historically the ability to draw by hand has been crucial in the architect’s profession. However, now we clearly see that computer graphics with its photorealistic images and functional drawings becomes more and more popular. Computer graphics has considerable potential in 3d rendering, business, design, architecture, allows to visualize objects without unnecessary complications, quickly and efficiently. The popularity of computer graphics keeps growing and we only may guess what to expect from its future.

The first CG presentations appeared in mid-fifties and were used in scientific and military research. A real revolution in computer graphics and image processing has occurred with the advent of graphic displays which allowed a man to feel like a part of the project.


Advantages of computer graphics compared to hand drawing in interior design

In spite of the fact, that in the design sphere still work such masters of drawing and sketching techniques, as Drew Plunkett and Stephanie Travis, computer graphics confidently takes a leading position. There are following advantages:

  • Efficiency. We spend less time creating high-quality renders comparing with the drawing process
  • Predictable result. From year to year computer generated images become more photorealistic, and feeling of presence and participation in the project is more and more significant.
  • No borders. The created visualizations can be sent at a far distance via Internet.
  • Variability. Finished hand drawings can not be changed, while images created on the computer can be changed many times.
  • Diversity. 3D graphics can be used almost everywhere – in business, development, design etc.
  • Stylistic freedom. When you draw by hand, you cannot radically change the style of expression, therefore all the works may look quite identical. You don’t face with this problem if you use computer graphics

As can be seen from the above, computer graphics is absolutely indispensable in the field of interior design, architectural design and 3D rendering. Sketching and drawing cannot provide that wide range of opportunities when it comes to architectural and interior design.

We actively use the methods of computer graphics in the execution of orders as this allows to create really high-quality and vivid images.

We strongly believe that computer graphics and virtual reality is the future and now we see the general trend how author sketching and drawing has become an excellence art form and stopped being a way of making technical models.