VRay: the perfect instrument for 3D rendering

Among modern rendering tools for 3DS max VRay reaches the largest popularity.

We, the Enviso teаm, actively use this tool in our work process in order to create impressive high-quality images. The most remarkable fact about VRay is that its algorithm and core were developed by a small team. The main leader of the project – Vladimir Koylazov, aka “Vlado” – was awarded for it with an Academy Plaque in 2017. This award is presented by Academy’s Scientific and Technical Awards Committee, and its given for the contribution in movie industries. VRay render was used in to create imagery for a number of popular movies: “Deadpool”, “Doctor Strange”, “Captain America: Civil War” and others.

The history of grаphic rendering

A while ago the first computers didn’t have separate tools for working with graphics, but they were already used for obtaining and processing images. In 1961, programmer S. Russell led the project to create the first computer game with graphics. It was a space combat video game that would look quite primitive today. However, it was a beginning of the computer graphics evolution.

VRay render is successfully used in the different spheres of visualization because of its flexibility and a wide range of instruments. Due to its effective settings VR Render HD can be used by architects, 3D-designers and other people whose goal is to create incredibly realistic images. There are variety of programs compartible with VRay: 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, SketchUp, Rhino, Modo, Nuke, Katana and others.

Basic VRay render elements in sketchup

There are three basic elements of VRay that have a significant influence on the render’s quality. These parts are Indirect Illumination, VRay Sun and Sky, and V-Ray Physical Camera. Understanding of how they work will facilitate the use of this tool:

  • Indirect Illumination (scattered lighting) is a light that does not come directly from a single source of illumination;
  • V-Ray Sun and Sky is an element modelling usual environment. This is a very powerful tool for visualizing exteriors using the light of the sun;
  • V-Ray Physical Camera is a simulation of a real camera and can be used for scene creating. In reality lighting depends on many factors, and it makes the photographer use the camera’s sources to make an image in a proper way.

The program can be downloaded both from the official site of the creator, and from other sources. Installation doesn’t take much time: all steps are simple and understandable. How to use the settings of VRay you can find in a tutorial: all functions are explained perfectly.

The Enviso teаm actively uses VRay in the work and is ready to make a piece of graphic art for you. When it comes to computer graphics we are on the edge of everything new to provide our clients with the most innovative services. If you choose to work with real professionals – don’t hesitate and contact our experienced and creative team.