New features and easy work with Corona Render 1.5

Corona Render is an excellent plug-in for 3D rendering. Designers, architects, photographers, artists actively use it: thanks to its potential, they create extraordinary high-quality images. You can download this rendering system from the official website.

Team Enviso creates impressive high-quality visualizations for customers with the help of this software. We use the latest version of the program – Corona 1.5. Let’s analyze what improvements the developer offers.

What’s new in Corona 1.5?

The Corona 1.5 release was on October 10, 2016 and the software instantly attracted the attention of users. The Render Legion released Corona 1.5 for 3DS Max, presenting many significant features and new options, including:

  • New interactive LightMix provides the opportunity to make the color more intense during the process of rendering and after it.
  • New VFB post-processing tools, including radiance, flash, cinematic colors, vignetting and saturation.
  • Render materials were updated in accordance with industry standards. Now materials can be viewed directly in the 3ds Max viewing window.
  • Improved speed of displacement.
  • The new Corona Distance Map can change a color in a new way.
  • Bloom makes the glow softer. Now you will not see the sharp light coming from the candle or the windows, as you can adjust the shade of the effect.
  • Glare in Сorona 1.5.1 creates a more concentrated glow from different objects. This allows you to emphasize the bright glare coming from the headlights of the car.
  • Filmic Tone Mapping provides the ability to control shadows and glare, and achieve the desired results faster and easier.
  • Corona Scatter Lister is a special script that allows you to configure very useful parameters for the scatterers included in the scene.
  • Corona VrWarp is a software innovation that makes possible to create a VR tour without the use of a special editor: you can make all the improvements in Corona 1.5.2.
  • Cubemap VR images – this option provides the opportunity to render in cubemap format. With it, you can create stereoscopic images.
  • In the updated version of Corona 1.5 the ability to visualize the individual elements of the rendering is included. The parameter of temporal consistency is added too. In addition, the Corona Output map has new options and the control system and allows you to control the different sides of the image.

Team Enviso uses Corona editor 1.5 to fulfill all types of orders. We strive to work perfectly, therefore we use high-quality equipment and software. Our company has an individual approach to each client, as we understand the uniqueness of your case and the originality of any task. Qualified professionals from the team of Enviso will create the piece of graphic art for you with the help of Corona 1.5.